Trackman Coaching Programmes

Trackman Coaching Programmes

“Trackman used by 90% of the top 100 players & over 1000 touring professionals worldwide!”

Trackman will help to uncover the actual facts about why your golf ball flies a certain way. This information can then be used to document the students progress, by using video over lay & all shot data sent to the student. Coaching this way enables the student to immediately see what their tendencies are & can instantly make the adjustments needed for long term improvements.

Effective Planning and Goal Setting

Effective planning and goal setting is an essential part of any development work and vital to keep you progressing down the right track. Alongside any technical work we do, we will create practice plans and outline performance goals measured on excel spreadsheets to monitor the students improvements. All based on facts, not guesswork about your game.

Personalised Trackman Pricing & Coaching Menu

Members One-to-one: 60mins £70 – 30mins £40

Non Members One-to-one: 60mins £80 – 30mins £45

Juniors: 60mins £45 – 30mins £25)

Coaching Plans

These are as follows & includes report & excel spreadsheet emailed to the student:-
Bronze (1 Month Plan):- Initial game assessment, 6 x 30min sessions with Trackman T4 includes 1 hour, on-course playing lesson £249 Juniors £175

Silver (3 Month Plan):- Initial game assessment, 10 x 30min sessions with Trackman T4 includes 2 x 1 hour on-course playing lessons £449 Juniors £275

Gold (12 Month Plan):- Initial game assessment 20 x 30min sessions with Trackman T4 includes 4 x 1 hour on course playing lessons £899 Juniors £549