Simon McGreal PGA Director of Golf

Mission Statement

“I am passionate and committed to transforming the standard of golf at Bradfield College and the surrounding areas using fact based coaching & the latest technology.” 

Simon has been a member of the PGA for over 25 years & during his career has specialised his efforts in coaching elite juniors. In addition, during 2005-2011 Simon was sponsored by Chase-Logeman Corporation of Greensboro NC to compete Professionally in the USA & Canada on their respected PGA tours.

(Simon has also passed both DBS/child protection & safeguarding checks.)

Recent competitive achievements are as follows:-

  • 2013 Winner BB&O PGA event Henley GC (66-4)
  • 2016 Winner BB&O PGA event Sonning GC (65-5)
  • 2016 Winner BB&O PGA event North Oxford GC (62-5)
  • 2016 3rd BB&O Open PGA event The Lambourne Club  (69-3)

Recent certifications

  • Trackman level 1 2016
  • Swing Catalyst level 1 2016
  • PGA Mind Certified 2016
  • Class AA British PGA since 2015
  • PGA Level III Coach since 2005
  • Class A American PGA 2005
  • Strong, Stretched & Centred fitness certified 1997
  • Class A British PGA 1992