Golf Course Availability Times

Tees reserved for men on Mondays from 8.30am until 12.30pm. (practice area open to all)
Tees reserved for ladies on Wednesdays from 8.30am until 12.30pm (practice area open to all)

College Priority Times

During College terms the pupils have priority on the course at certain times. While members are not prohibited from playing within these times, for instance to finish off a round, they are requested to avoid playing at these times as far as possible.

The times are:

  • Monday, 3.15pm 6pm
  • Tuesday, 2pm 6pm
  • Wednesday, 4.15pm 6pm
  • Thursday, 2pm 6pm
  • Friday, 3.15pm 6pm

During the College holidays there will be no such restrictions.

  • The remaining 2023 holidays for this academic year are:
  • February halfterm Fri 11th February to Sun 20th February 2023
  • Easter Fri 25th March to Tues 19th April 2023
  • June halfterm Fri 27th May to Sun 5th June 2023
  • Summer Sun 2nd July to Mon 5th September 2023

Useful Numbers:

Clubhouse telephone number (incoming calls only) 0118 964 4838
Greens Line (prerecorded message) 0118 964 4717

Note: The Greens Line will provide information on course closures in the event of adverse weather or major maintenance works but will not identify course restrictions for other reasons.

Course Reservations:

There are some occasions when College or Club matches, Club competitions or golf society events may close the course. As far as possible these have been included on the 2023 calendar, but additions and changes can arise during the year. Updated advance information on course reservations will be provided on the notice board as you enter the course from the car park and on this website: